It's all about Jesus

Everything we believe can be summed up in the person of Jesus. He is the exact expression of God, and sustains all things by His power. He is the source and explanation of all creation. He is our champion, our guide and the object of our affection.

Everyone belongs

God is not looking for good deeds or perfect people. And we certainly don't pretend to be holier than anyone else. To the contrary, we believe everyone has made mistakes and needs love and acceptance. We've found that God delights in giving both.

Organized religion

We believe the church is the greatest organization on earth, despite all its flaws. That's because God chose to carry out His mission on Earth through communities of people called the Church. We desire to be part of what God is doing and believe every Christian should be actively involved in church.


Grace centered

Those who know Jesus have been made spiritually alive by the Holy Spirit and forever separated from their sin. We believe that sinners are saved by grace and stay saved by grace apart from good works. That means salvation is hinged on God's enduring love, not by man's performance.