Growth Track

Grace Point NW Growth Track is designed to help YOU grow and connect. Our four in one fast track class will take you from step one to graduating step four in one afternoon. Each step will guide you on a journey to discovering how God designed you to live out our mission, God's Love To Us, In Us and Through Us.

iFollow- Learn about Grace Point values and what it means to FOLLOW Jesus

iConnect- Explore how to get plugged in at Grace Point and Connect

iDiscover- Discover your God given Spiritual Gifts

iServe- Find out how to use your Spiritual Gifts to serve others



Baptism at Grace Point


Here at Grace Point, we believe that baptism is a public declaration of an inward commitment to follow Jesus. As followers of Jesus, we are not ashamed! Not ashamed of our past, not ashamed of who we used to be and not ashamed of the one who changed it all for US! We proudly declare that Jesus is our savior and that we follow Him!

We are hosting a Baptism Class on Sunday, January 20th at 11:15 am. Our next baptism opportunity is coming up on Sunday, January 27th. Are you ready to shout from the mountain tops that I AM UNASHAMED?!