At Grace Point, we believe that God created us to enjoy life in Biblical community - that we are "Better Together!"

Our Winter/ Spring Connect Groups launch Sunday February 25th & will run for a total of 8 weeks through April 15th!

Please join us Sunday February 25th for our iConnect gathering after each service to enjoy free food, to meet our various connect group hosts & choose a group that works for you! 


At Grace Point...

We believe that God has called us to be in close relationship with others and that the best way to do that is to be involved in a Connect Group! In fact, Grace Point is a church made up of Connect Groups!

Three things you should know about CONNECT Groups:

1. Our Connect Groups Gather for 3 different campaigns each year.- Campaigns run between 6-10 weeks long throughout each calendar year. A campaign is an easy “On Ramp” for unconnected people to get connected without feeling like they have to join for life. 

Fall campaign - starts late September. In the fall we do a church wide campaign where all our connect groups follow the same theme.

Winter Campaign - starts early February. In the winter our connect group hosts get to choose what they want their group to study from a variety of exciting themes

Summer Campaign -starts in early June. In the summer our connect groups become interest based where group hosts are free to use their gifts and interests to determine when and where their group meets and what they meet about. From soccer groups and lunch groups to Bible studies and coffee meet-ups.

2. You can join a group- We would love for you to get connected in a group. To find the right group for you, CLICK HERE to search our online directory of groups or visit the Info Table at church. Once you find a few groups that interest you, contact the leaders to learn more and make plans to check it out in person. Our groups are as varied as we are. Our connect groups are "Open" groups meaning that anyone can join a group at any time.

3. You can host a group- We believe everyone has areas of strength and gifting that can benefit others, and hosting a connect group is a great way to make meaningful connections.

What is a H.O.S.T.? A follower of Christ who has a…

· Heart for people

· Open your home

· Serve a snack

· Turn on tv

A small group host does not have to be a Bible expert or a church leader. They are normal people willing to open their home and grow in faith with others.  To H.O.S.T. a Connect Group contact us at Info@GracePointNW.org.